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About Thankbuy

Thankbuy is a human hair company established in 2017 for the sole purpose of providing our customers with the stunning & quality bundles,closure&frotal and wigs.

For the past two years,we have transformed from a traditional processing factory into a human hair company with independent research & development,design & marketing capabilities.

Just this year,2018,we open our own website.Our 100% human hair online store is the pretty best shopping experience to find trendy and fashionable cuts,styles, and rooted colors.

There are literally hundreds of styles and colors on offer in our store.We sincerely wish every woman has the opportunity to feel beautiful and confident with our hair products.

In our journey to create a vast community of like-minded individuals, we've made sure that our human hair is both unique and high quality.

our story

Thankbuy was born out of a desire to make our fashion statement.

We want to be the go-to place where you find fashion wigs that stand out and make you feel like yourself.

Our CEO,Jack,a post 90s man.In university,he came across a photo and was fascinated by a confident gorgeous African-American lady in a wig.He found that she often love to express herself by switching her style with different fashion wigs.

He found that woman like the hair products very much.Her followers always asking where she could find and buy the wigs she was postiong.

So after graduation,he went back hometown,Guangzhou City,the world's largest hair products production base and opened a wigs factory.

His philosophy has always been makeing hair natural and unique to fit each person.From hair material to production process,he pay the utmost attention to the details and quality.So Thankbuy was born.

Thankbuy is a relatively young brand which is why we recognize that our coming up in the world has everything to do with our lovely customers. We may not be a family business, but that doesn’t prevent us treating every customer as part of our small family! Feel free to contact us if you have any problem or custom orders and we will hook you up.

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2. Free Shipping Worldwide Available

3. Efficient Processing Time

4. Professional Hair Tutorials

5. New Wholesale Program For Business Owner

our service

Room 107,Meibo City,121 Guangyuan West Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou,China